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Okay so this is quite the random post but I've had to re-teach Charlie the "catch" command since a guy at the dog park wanted to use the chuck it and CHUCKED the ball at his head.. he has been terrified of ANYTHING I try to toss at him since that night. He would cower or run away even if it was a itty-bitty treat. We're finally progressing & now he's catching some Stella & Chewy freeze dried chicken topper, yummzies! Maybe he will start catching his chuck it balls again soon!

Charlie LOVES stuffed animals! This day we were at @kayybayy_'s apartment & she had this bear put up on a desk. Well, Charlie helps himself to any stuffed animal he sees, of course.. 🐻
My mommy thinks it's cute when I give my girlfuriends kisses 💋
"Mom stop talking to me like a baby, I'm technically a teenager now gosh.." 😾
Thank you @meka_the_shepherd's mommy for making me these yummy pupcakes & bringing them to the park! I really love Meka (even though I was being a terror) & I hope to see you again soon.. 💚
Happy 2nd birthday to my lil nugget! ✌🏻🎉
Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite derpy little wolf! I am so proud of how far you've come in 2017 already. We're conquering anxiety one day at a time & you're doing amazing little man. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us... I love you so much 💚 xoxo, momma
"Mom, I'm pretty much the king of this doggy park.." 👑
Can you spot me? 👀🐺
Charlie loves @naturesbits because they're so yummy! He has the flavor salmon, strawberries & sweet potatoes but they also have 5 other delicious flavors. I love @naturesbits because they're made in the USA & they're grain/gluten free! Not going to lie they're pretty stinky but that's why Charlie loves them.. 😂
This is a rare photo of Charlie actually looking at the camera..
Alright guys this is a REALLY big deal! Do you see this?! Charlie went IN to the IndyVet Pet Carnival yesterday without having an anxiety attack and did it with ease! Guys I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of him!! A few months ago we tried Mutt Strut and Dawg Gone Walk & Fiesta and I couldn't even get him up to the ticket booth without him resisting against me and panicking.. yesterday he went in as brave as ever, let dogs sniff him, let people come up and pet him and he was so well behaved the entire time when asked. His focus was 100% yesterday & I'm such a proud mom. I'm glad I took the chance to get him out there (I was contemplating because I didn't think he could handle it) because he was a success! I'm going to keep working with him and I can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!! (P.S. lol @ the lady at the beginning "everybody is bigger than you so you better behave" 😂)
"Thank goodness you bought all of these carnibars for me momma! They're just about the only thing I eat next to @spotfarms & raw food." I really like these "carnibars" because they're high protein in a small package! Great for on the go & I also break them up and use them as training treats! (Charlie is the pickiest dog in the entire world- guaranteed) These bars have been approved 10/10 by Charlie! Also, go follow my cute pawtner @meka_the_shepherd! 💚
What are some nicknames you have for your pup? I was tagged by @meka_the_shepherd, now it's my turn! I have all sorts of weird names for him including chorizo, charleston, honey nugget, char, charles, baby boy & plenty more... 😂 I am tagging @anna_waya, @blackwolfblackpanther, @ava_waldo_maverick & @miniaussie_april to share your nicknames! Go follow my adorable pawtner @meka_the_shepherd! 💋
Sleepy boy in a not so sleepy world 💤🌍 Follow my pawtner! @meka_the_shepherd 💋
Momma took me to get a wellness check today because I'm turning 2 in a month! I was such a behaved boy. They even weighed me and I was 49lbs!! That's almost hard for momma to believe since I'm such a picky eater..
Charlie loved his turkey neck!! Thank you so much @mypetcarnivore01! 😋

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